10 characteristics of Postgraduate Dissertation Helpful Supervisor

Postgraduate Dissertation

Even though different types of personalities fit with different types of students, and it isn’t possible to have a dissertation supervisor who will be completely perfect for every student in the university. There are few important characteristics of a supervisor that are considered to be foundation for successful dissertation and helpful supervisor.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 most important characteristics in a particular order to help you out in selecting a best supervisor for your dissertation help.

Postgraduate Dissertation

  1. A good dissertation supervisor is that who is always approachable and who sees you as a partner for research project instead of just considering you as immature student.
  2. A perfect thesis supervisor must has ample of connection within the academia and he must make it simple and easier for his or her students to get an academic position in the relevant field after they complete their studies.
  3. A good research supervisor is one who continuously challenges his or her students’ and point of views and insists them to learn how to defend their point of views and to grow intellectually.
  4. A good dissertation supervisor will never take the credit of his or her students’ work and never present that work under his or her name without telling it to you.
  5. A best dissertation supervisor knows how to get the funding and he must be able employ his or her students as their research assistant in situations they are unable to secure their own funding.
  6. A good dissertation supervisor is able to give their students the clear instructions and directions in their research work and he always has realistic expectation.
  7. A good research supervisor is one who have a personality and who allows his or her students to present their very own personality rather then pushing them to work exactly like a robot.
  8. A good dissertation supervisor is one who knows how to inspire his or her students and give them some encouragement and stimulate them whenever they need it.
  9. A good thesis supervisor always meets his or her students regularly to encourage them to work in a consistent manner.
  10. The best supervisor is one who gives you sufficient space to explore information and knowledge within your area of research and field.

There are always different types of personalities in this world; just like you select your life partner you must be careful while you select your dissertation supervisor.


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