9 Steps to Get Over Someone You Love

Get Over Someone You Love

What to do when you have a broken relationship and deeply in love with the other person? Well, it is not simple to get over someone you truly love and care but yes, it is possible, if you are willing to take some steps to get back your life in your hands.

Many of us know what it is like to love someone who doesn’t love back. Every day, many people face the same kind of situation and learn how to get over someone via are many sources.

Everyone deals with the pain in their own ways

How everyone deals with that kind of pain is usually dependent. Depends on the kind of relationship they had and the kind of person they were together with and many other such things. In order to deal with this kind of situations and heart aches, some people choose social life and some behind the closed doors see a therapist. But at the end of the day no matter how you’re going to deal with that, you will wonder why the person whom you treated as the one belongs with someone else. It is not simple and the pain eats you alive.

You start losing your self-confidence, not able to concentrate work or even people around you and the planet Earth turns into something that it has never seen a human in its life.

But how to get over someone you cared and loved so much?

Regardless you were ditched, cheated on, or even did not yet the kind of response you were expecting. Here are the 9 steps that you need to know in order to take control of your life just like old times.

Get Over Someone You Love

  1. Start seeing other girls or guys

Well, you might have heard the saying “ A great way to forget someone is to get under someone else.” This situation is so true in the case of people like you. I know it is hard but try to put yourself out there you can term it as you want rebound relationship or just casual dating.

If you are busy with someone else then there is less probability for you to feel sad about what happened in your past relationship. The busier you get the better for you.

  1. Just go out and flirt

If you think even a casual dating is hard for you right now then maybe you can just sitting around and flirt with whoever you like. Try to be more social as it reminds you that there is a hell of a lot of world with potential girlfriends and boyfriends.

  1. Do not suppress your feelings

You might be thinking in the process of trying to be strong you shouldn’t cry or mourn your last relationship. But doing so will increase your anger over the people you thought were responsible for your broken relationship. So cry all you want and go through all the emotions so that once you are done with that so that your flesh wound starts to heal.

Be at home all day in your pajamas, cry until you fall asleep,  binge eat all the stuff you want to, and do whatever to reduce the pain of your wound.

  1. Magnify your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend negative points

Just focus on the things that made you irritated or annoyed.  Right from someone else who took your ex to your boyfriend or girlfriend being an insane human being. And I’m pretty sure that there will be a hell of a lot of stuff that your ex did things to get on your nerves. It may look like as an on healthy stuff but trust me it is one of the most effective steps. Because the more you get angry the less you think of him or her.

  1. Know what your worth is

Why think of someone who doesn’t think You are good enough to be their girlfriend or boyfriend? If they don’t love you just like you do then let it be the way it is. You are so much better off without them. There are millions of boys and girls out there looking to find their partner. You are so much more worth than anyone think you are.

  1. Stay occupied

As the saying goes, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”  You shouldn’t keep yourself Idol especially after your terrible breakup. Find some new work or meet new people or do whatever you can to keep yourself busy all day. Schedule your day right from the moment you get up to the time you go to bed in a perfect way so that your old memories don’t haunt you.

  1. Never hold on to your anger

Holding onto anger for a long time is not at all good for you.  And of course, neither is blaming. Blaming yourself or others thinking that they are responsible for your break up or your broken relationship can have a detrimental impact on yourself and others. It just makes your grievance process a bit lengthier.  Remember one thing, you shouldn’t blame anyone, including yourself for what happened in your past relationship. Bitterness has the power to eat you alive so just stay out of it.

  1. Get a makeover done

In the process of going through the pain and sadness you won’t feel yourself and situations like this, it is essential to start over both mentally and physically and as far as your physical look is concerned to give it a little makeover by changing your hairstyle or the way you dress you look good you feel good.

  1. Nowhere near close to your ex

In order to heal faster, you need space. Seeing this person every other day at work or at any other place will not help you get over it. Do whatever you can to stay away from your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. I know it is hard but you need to do it for yourself.

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