A Brief Guide to Choosing a Family Solicitor

Family Solicitor

Having to deal with family law issues can sometimes be quite difficult, especially when emotions and tensions could potentially be running high.

Therefore, it is important to select a good solicitor who will be able to deal with your case professionally without causing you any added stress and hassle.

However, knowing how to pick a good solicitor specialising in family law may be rather daunting, particularly if you’ve not had to use a solicitor before.

This quick guide to choosing the right family solicitor should help provide some useful tips as to how you can ensure that you are as well represented in your case as possible.

Family Solicitor

Consult the Legal 500

The Legal 500 is a guide displaying the best law practices in the UK, therefore it would definitely be worth consulting the guide to see who is recommended under the family law sector. You can access the family law section of the Legal 500 guide here.

Opt for a team rather than an individual

Although this might not always be the case, having a broader wealth of knowledge and opinions could be more beneficial for your case; therefore choosing a team of solicitors as opposed to one individual could prove to be more advantageous for your case.

Furthermore, you might also find it more useful having the support of an entire team around to consult with as opposed to one solicitor. Osborne Morris and Morgan Solicitors specialising in family law are a great example of a company offering their clients support from a team of specialists.

Explain your case and requirements carefully

In order to help ensure that you are represented in the best way possible and ultimately lead to a successful outcome for your case, you need to ensure that you have explained your case and the help you require as carefully and thoroughly as possible.

If the case doesn’t end up going the way you hoped it would, this won’t necessarily be the solicitor’s fault, therefore the clearer you are the more you will be helping to benefit your case.

Are they a member of Resolution?

It would be a good idea to check whether the solicitor is a member of Resolution, a group committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

Members agree to follow a code of practice promoting a non-confrontational approach to family issues and are also encouraged to keep in mind the needs of of the entire family, but in particular the interests of the children who may be involved.

Do they have Lexel accreditation?

Lexel which is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and client care sets a particular standard in seven areas and is another certificate that you might want to check that the solicitor holds.

Research the firm’s experience

The chances are you will probably be more comfortable choosing a solicitor with a high level of experience and good track record to deal with your case.

As a result, make sure that you research any solicitor firms that you come across carefully, and find out whether they have any experience dealing with a case that is similar to yours and even when they qualified.

Does the company appear trustworthy and considerate to your needs?

It is very important that you feel as though you can trust your solicitor and that they really do have your best interests at heart.

This will be easier to determine once have you spoken to the solicitor on the phone and met them in person. Do you they genuinely care about your case and are willing to listen to you?

Can you easily communicate with the solicitor?

One of the most important elements of your case is that you understand exactly what is happening and what your options are going forward.

Therefore, making sure that the solicitor gives you the time to discuss the process to your understanding is very important. Never be afraid to ask questions; a good solicitor should ensure that their client knows the situation of their case well and can communicate with them easily.

Understand the costs involved

The cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the one to go with, however it can be difficult to know when you are or aren’t getting a good deal.

Make sure that the solicitor discusses their costings early on in your case and that they give you an honest answer in order to avoid any unwanted surprises later on in your case.

Comparing solicitor fees (per hour) of different companies is also a good way of getting a picture for what the average quote is. Remember to bear in mind though that costings could vary quite considerably depending on the level of experience a solicitor has.

With the correct research and time spent looking at your options, this will greatly help with your quest to find a good solicitor to help deal with your case.

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