Christmas Gifts for Dads

Dads seem to get the short-end of the stick at Christmas. They spend a fortune on their kid’s gifts and are bullied into going onto the roof in the freezing cold to put up some tacky Christmas lights! They also get the worst gifts. They may make out their content, but who would be with socks, a woolly jumper and a Gillette shaving kit! So stop buying boring gifts for your Dad, put a little more thought into a great present.

Christmas Gifts for Dads

Think about personalized presents. You’ve known your father all your life, so it’s safe to say you know his hobbies and interests by now. For big sports fans, there are loads of Christmas gift ideas. Don’t settle for a calendar of their favorite team. Why not a Sky Sports or an ESPN package which will allow them to actually watch their team rather than seeing 12 poster shots of players over the course of a year.

Or for those DIY dads, don’t get them a pack of Flatheads and Philips screwdrivers; where is the sentiment in that? Why not a spacious garden shed in which they can work on projects as well as getting some peace and quiet.

Believe it or not, it’s always Mum that likes to cook. Many dads’s would love a fine bottle of wine and a Great Dishes of the World cookbook by Robert Carrier; rather than a box of Jacobs’s crackers and a block of cheddar cheese. If you have a dad who loves art, why not purchase a piece of original artwork or, if you have some talent yourself, why not create your own present for him? There are plenty of great stocking fillers that your dad would love, it’s just about giving your choice some thought and sometimes asking Mum!

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