Express your love with written words!

Express your love with written words

Love is the most beautiful feeling one can have. It is the best thing to feel in this world. Of course, you do not know the magic of how it feels until you yourself are not in love with someone. But when you fall for someone, you know where exactly the magic lies. You know why heart skips a beat and why the night seems sleepless as you cannot have enough thinking about the person.

But when in love, it needs to be said, right? If you do not let the person know how exactly you feel for him/ her, then what is the point of having the magic inside your heart? Though technology has advanced a lot and there are endless possible ways to express your feelings, nothing can help you better than a hand written love letter.

Express your love with written words

Well, some may get surprised by this idea, but this is the best thing to express your feelings and convey the sweet message to your loved one. Hand written letters and notes are becoming obsolete these days. How about bringing this old idea back when conveying your feelings? Old, is gold right? But yes, there are some tricks that can weave in more magic in your love letter.

It has to be a romantic note all the way

The beginning of the letter is very important. It is very important to see how you address your loved one. Be a bit imaginative and use your creative mind to begin it the best way possible. Think about something, which attracts the reader’s attention in a jiffy and they cannot help but read on. The next thing that you need to write is why are you writing this letter to him/ her? This is very important. The person who has been addressed in this letter should know, what made you write this letter?

Let them know your feelings

Then comes the most interesting part of the letter where you actually pen down your feelings telling him/ her how exactly you feel for them. Be a bit descriptive here and romantic as well describing how and where you first met each other and what exactly you felt after the first meeting. Tell them how they have made a difference to your life since you have met them. Mention the good things that you feel about him/ her and at the same time praise their good qualities, which made you fall for them. Tell them how it was important to let them know your feelings and how much eager you are to get reciprocated.

Do not forget the decoration

Scribbling on a white paper will not do. Choose a good and decorative stationary paper if you want to write a love letter. You can also add some rose petals when you fold it and put it in a decorative envelope. This will show how good you are at expressing your feelings.

The best thing is to add a love shayari in between your writings. If it is an original one, then it is nothing like it.

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