Holiday Gift Ideas for your Teenage Daughter

My daughter is just 9 months old (thank heavens!) so I might not have to deal with the stress of not knowing what to buy her during the holiday season (yet)but I do have to shop for my 17-year-old niece so mommies, shopping for teen girls- I feel your pain.

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Teenage Daughter

And as it so happens, while I was sympathizing it suddenly occurred to me! I needed to write a post about all the fun things you could gift a teenager in case you were stumped. This will make holiday shopping easy peasy.Charm bracelet $27.90I’m kick-starting my list with what I plan on buying my niece, Arianna- a Game of Thrones inspired charm bracelet from this darling store I came across on Etsy. It’s all the rage these days and Arianna (like her aunt, ahem) is obsessed with the show. So when I came across this beautiful 15 piece charm bracelet, I absolutely had to buy it.

Scarf $24.99I LOVE the scarves at Mod Cloth- have bought several in the past and loved every single one of them- so I would definitely recommend buying a soft, trendy scarf in taupe. And if you’re buying it for someone whose style you’re not very familiar with, this is a safe yet elegant bet.Handbag $14.95This beautiful coral shoulder bag from H&M is an absolute steal at $14.95. The vibrant coral shade is fun and appealing and is just what teenage girls (myself included!) would love to add to her wardrobe.

Velvet dress $49.99Ah, love. The richness of this beautiful velvet dress coupled with the delicateness of its lace sweetheart neckline makes this dress a perfect holiday gift for teenage girls and well, me! But really, it’s just one of those things that will look good on anyone, amIright? Buy it from Mod Cloth right away!The VS Peacoat $99Mommies, two words for you- Victoria’s. Secret. Now don’t swoon just yet.

Did I mention this coat was selling at $99? Which means you get to grab it up for your daughter and instantly make her one happy teenager this holiday. We’re talking major brownie points here, ladies. But again it really does depend upon your budget. They also have a glamorous leather moto jacket at $238 which would make you really famous with your daughter and all her friends…jussayin’.

Make-up kit $35.00Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than buying your teenage daughter her very own make-up kit. ELF Studio’s 141 Piece Master Makeup Collection comes with 84 eyeshadow shades, 36 lip gloss shades, 6 blush shades, 4 concealer shades, 4 shimmer cream shades, 4 bronzer shades, 1 face brush, 1 lip brush and an eyeshadow applicator all for just $35! Now if that isn’t a sweet deal, I don’t know what is. And it to make it all the better, it’ll keep your daughter more than satisfied for a long, long time.

Summary: The holidays are upon us! Which means it’s time to start shopping! Here are my top 6 picks of holiday gift ideas for a teenage girl. Take my word for it when I tell you- these are uhh-great!

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