Homecoming is the Real Essence of Celebrating Festivals

Homecoming is the Real Essence of Celebrating Festivals 2

Man is a social animal and this animal like any other animal cannot live in isolation. Home, its front gate, the backyard, the local tea stall, etc. are always haunting in a man’s mind when he is away from home. He must have set up another sweet home away from homeland but the root calling of native land is a strong pain that always haunts his mind. We Indians have numerous festivals to celebrate all the year round. Diwali, Holi, Rakhi, Dusshera, Mahavir Jayanti, Eid, Christmas, etc. – all are equally important to us. These religious festivals and its celebration always brings people homeward. But as there are too many festivals to attend, a number of festivals are given a miss.

Those who stay at home enjoying every bit of the festival also misses their near and dear relatives scattered all across the world. Because homecoming is the real essence of celebration. If you cannot be together while celebrating a certain festival, the festival loses its glamor and charm to some extent. Absence of loved ones are dearly felt and that’s why it’s essential to make those people feel special who are away from home. Because those are the souls who search for the smell of their own soil after every rain. But living in today’s fast world of telecommunication, it’s easier to be at home, feel the home even when you are actually away from home.

Here are the list of some nostalgic gifts which you can send to your loved ones staying away from home. They would also feel a part of the celebration with these loving gifts even when seated miles away.

Homecoming is the Real Essence of Celebrating Festivals

  1. You can buy Bhaiya Bhabi rakhi for the holy occasion of rakhi to be packed and sent to your brother and sister-in-law. Rakhi is a special celebration of the eternal bond of a brother and a sister. And a sister and brother feels the pain too much when they cannot be together on this day. So, take help from the online gift portals and send your loving gift.Homecoming is the Real Essence of Celebrating Festivals 2
  1. A Diwali earthen diya along with fire crackers for your cousin’s kids would make them happy. Our Diwali celebration is a grand one and therefore make your loved ones feel the blessings of you and other elders of the family with these gifts.Homecoming is the Real Essence of Celebrating Festivals 3
  2. On Christmas, you can look out for Santa dress for your relatives and then pack a big bag consisting gift boxes of chocolates. They would love this one for sure.
  1. For the next door neighbor who has helped you a lot to transform your newly bought flat into a home, can you forget them on big festivals? Send Bhaiya bhabi rakhi to them and let your love be expressed sweetly. Because this tie is a sign of forever companionship.
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