How to Compromise with your Fashionable Nursery

How to Compromise with your Fashionable Nursery

Any couple who is expecting the arrival of a new baby will be firmly aware of all the costs of setting up a nursery – particularly if you wish to pursue the designer route. Some complete nursery collections cost thousands of pounds and with money likely to be tight anyway in preparation for the little one, such figures are scary, to say the least.

Most expectant parents also live under the belief of “only the best will do” and this means that the nursery must be kitted out in the most fashionable way possible. This might be through luxury children’s furniture at Saffron & Lewis or any other prominent designer that produces boutique-like nursery items. Unfortunately, if you want to keep your bank balance in check, at least, some compromise needs to be made.

How to Compromise with your Fashionable Nursery

Even if you are adamant that you wish to purchase some designer furniture – at least, try and do it moderately. Most parents think that every possible baby furniture item out there is needed in their nursery, but this is certainly not the case. While a coat is a necessity, the following items really are optional and if you can ditch at least one of them, you could save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Changing UnitOut of all of the suggestions detailed through this contribution, this is unquestionably the one that can make the most difference. Few people will argue that a changing unit is one of the most convenient pieces of furniture for a new baby and if you don’t have one, the general consensus is that you will develop excruciating lower back pains as you attempt to change your baby on the floor.

While this is true, a compromise is to use an existing piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, and place a non-slip changing mat on top. You will save hundreds of pounds while keeping your back in shape at the same time.WardrobeThis is a slightly debatable one as some people will suggest that a wardrobe is a critical piece of the nursery.

With the turnover of a baby’s clothes high to say the least, the storage of clothes can prove difficult and this is why this suggestion might not work for some. Nevertheless, if you do have that elusive chest of drawers (that happens to also be acting as a changing unit!), you’ll find that most clothes will be able to fit in there. If you can then find some wall hooks to hang clothes, you might just be able to cope without one of the most expensive pieces of designer furniture in a nursery.

Toy BoxMany people are astounded to see just how many designers toy boxes cost. While it is essential, a box, if bought as part of a collection it can set you back several hundred pounds. Therefore, be creative with your toy storage – use cheap shelves and fabric storage systems; items which barely cost a thing yet can still bring a room to live.

A summaryBefore we get to the main summary, it should first be clarified that it is not recommended to exclude all of the above from your baby’s nursery. While this is undoubtedly doable, the purpose of this contribution is to highlight how you don’t have to purchase every piece of furniture that a nursery designer throws at you.

Other than a cot, most of the furniture really aren’t necessary and if you are desperate to purchase designer furniture for your little one’s room, only get the ones that are actually necessary and save the rest of your money for more important baby-related matters.

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