Teaching Your Child Responsibility

Teaching Your Child Responsibility

Besides love, a sense of responsibility is among the greatest gifts that you can give to your child. While giving your child love is a wonderful and pleasant experience for the both of you, teaching responsibility may be a bit harder. At times, it means some tough love and it may cause some friction. But, if you keep in mind the benefits that it brings to your child, you know it is worth all that fuss. Here are some tips from the parents that went through the same thing that awaits you.

Be Consistent in Your Behaviour

It is difficult to teach your child something that is not always a pleasant model of behaviour. Therefore, if you are not consistent about your actions and reactions to their manners, it will be even more difficult. Allowing something one day and frowning upon it the next day, just to ignore it the third day will send mix signals to your child and they will not be able to understand what the desired conduct is. Being consistent as a parent is difficult but necessary.

Show by Example

A lot of actions and behavioural patterns that your child adopts are learned by modeling. This means that, in a way, your child imitates your behaviour and implements your values to their own system. With that in mind, by offering the abundance of examples of your responsible behaviour, you will inspire your kid to do the same.

Consider Adopting a Pet

Having a pet is a big step for a child. You need to have a long and informative talk before you bring a puppy home. Your child needs to learn about the needs of an animal and to understand that it is their task to fulfil those needs and that they cannot get bored after a while. Pick the new puppy together, talk about it and allow your child to be a part of the entire adoption process. Make sure your child understands that having a pet means cleaning up after them and feeding them the right quantities of food. You should still be the one purchasing dog food online since credit cards are a lesson for another age.

Turn It into a Game

You can make a poster in order to play a responsibility game with your child. Use a big piece of paper and divide it into the fields. In each field, describe a situation. Use something that can happen to your children, like ‘I accidentally broke a glass’, or ‘I forgot to do my homework’. Cover the descriptions with pieces of paper with numbers on them. Your child should pick a number, uncover a situation and write down or describe the most responsible way to deal with that situation.

Do not be disappointed if your young one does not get a grip of this type of behaviour. While very young, children do not understand that everybody makes mistakes and, consequently, feel that they need to hide their own. Therefore, try and introduce the concept of responsibility gradually into their lives.

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