The Magic of the Photo Booth (and Other Party Options)

Photo Booth

The old adage goes: a picture speaks a thousand words; in many cases, they can speak far more than that.  This is particularly true these days, with cameras now incorporated into just about every mobile phone in the world—and the megapixels on these cameras reaching astounding clarity.

But while pictures of every day life are certainly becoming more commonplace, there is still something magical about a photo booth that can make memories extra special.  Think about it:  the carnival, the circus, the county fair.  These are all places filled with sights and sounds you only experience once in a great while.  And the best way to remember these experiences might not actually be with your fancy mobile phone camera, but with a good, old-fashioned boardwalk photobooth.

And you can incite that same sensation in your children with Right Choice Photo Booth Rental at their next birthday party.

Photo Booth


Photo booths harken back to a simpler time and children these days should have access to that time and that experience.  There is something really fun about sitting in a private booth, in a public place, and taking a series of quick snapshots—often with someone you love—and then waiting outside for the booth, itself, to print the photos for you.

But the benefits of a photo booth far exceed the experience: you actually get a souvenir when it is all over. And every person in attendance of your party could equally go home with as many souvenirs as they desire.


Perhaps a photo booth isn’t quite your style, though.  Well, the very same entertainment company who operates photo booth rentals might also offer custom illustrations for your party too.  This could provide a similar experience as a photo booth, but add a bit more artistry too.


Finally, you might opt for a caricature artist.  While small children may not get the appeal, this could be an option that will appeal to slightly older kids and, of course, parents.  If you aren’t familiar with a caricature artist, these are graphic artists who draw portraits, typically with a marker or pen, which depicts an exaggerated face and head with an understated body and usually in a specific pose.  These can also be a lot of fun (and you can take them home when the party is over)!

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