Tips for A Fun Christmas Dinner


Have you volunteered to host Christmas dinner for the extended family?  Don’t let this elevate your stress level over the holidays. Hosting can be fun with the right amount of planning and a commitment to having fun. Don’t sweat the details. Recruit family members to give you a hand and you’ll have one of the most memorable Christmas dinners to date. Follow these recommendations from the experts and you’ll be well on your way to a fabulous Christmas dinner.

Tips for A Fun Christmas Dinner

The most important ingredient for a successful dinner is a calm attitude and a commitment to enjoying time with the family. Remind yourself that you’re making memories!  For a large crowd of more than ten, reduce your stress level by planning a buffet. Everyone can serve themselves and avoid passing plated and dishes at the dining table. Having a buffet will allow you to make a large centerpiece on the dining table without worrying about space for serving dishes. Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon and order a Christmas arrangement from Teleflora for your centerpiece.

Plan your meal in advance and commit to as much early preparation as possible. Grocery shopping should be completed at least two days in advance. Reduce your stress level by setting the dining table several days in advance.  Identify serving dishes that will be used for your menu.  Place dinner plates at either end of the buffet so guests can begin serving themselves from both sides of the buffet. Nothing kills the vibe more than waiting in line for food! Have silverware and napkins on the dining table so guests don’t have to carry more than their dinner plate. Finally, set up a bar table in a separate area to prevent over-crowding. Include non-alcoholic choices as well as alcoholic.

Commit to having a great evening and you’ll welcome hosting year after year.

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