Top 7 Wedding Cake Ideas

Cakes have been an integral part of our lives. They have witnessed our birthdays, promotions, weddings, anniversaries and all our special moments. We have always cut a cake to celebrate an event. Cakes and their designs are as special as the events. Today, you get all kinds of flavours, colours and shapes of cakes in the market. You can choose according to the occasion and your taste. All you have to do is choose and order, the cake delivery will be done on your doorstep on the D-day.

No wedding is complete without a cake. Cakes have been cut in weddings from the Roman times. Bread was broken on the bride’s head, and this was believed to bring luck to the couple. Over years, they have evolved and today there are one, two or more tiers of the wedding cake. All the guests are served this cake, and hence, it is very important for the cake to be utterly delicious.

There are several wedding cake ideas available in the market. The trend changes with time. Here are some wedding cake ideas that you will absolutely love –

The White Cake – The white cake with pure white cream on the top is the most ancient and most elegant of all cakes. You can have two or three tiers according to your wish. White symbolises purity and virginity; hence, it was the most preferred cake during olden days. If you want to keep it simple then this is your cake.

Top 7 Wedding Cake Ideas

Floral Cake – Have colourful flowers on your cake! The flowers will be made of edible fondant. Each cake is tied with a ribbon of fondant, and the cake will look colourful and bright.

Top 7 Wedding Cake Ideas 1

The bride and Bridegroom Cake – The three tiered cake will have a miniature bride and bridegroom on the top. These dolls can be made edible by using colour fondant. It will suit the occasion the best and will be simple too.

Metallic Cakes – The tiered cakes will have toppings of golden, silver and copper colours. These cakes will look elegant and give out a royal feeling. The metallic coloured toppings can be done in any designs and patterns.

Lace Cake – The fondant is thin and decorated in the shape of places. Laces can be of different types and colours.

Monochromatic Cakes – If you like simple and classy things, you can go for single coloured cakes. Peach, purple, cream, pink, orange, choose your favourite colour. These cakes will look simple and are budget friendly. You can add the initials of the bride and groom to make it a bit personalised.

Cup Cake Wedding Cake – If you love cupcakes, you have got to try this. Here, the tiers of the cakes are outlined by placing cupcakes. You can use similar or different flavoured cupcakes. This is one colourful and unique looking wedding cake.

Top 7 Wedding Cake Ideas 2

A wedding cake is the most important part of any wedding. It is important to have the best wedding cake that will be remembered by all for many years. So, choose your favourite and have the cakes delivered to your wedding venue.

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