When Your Body Is Trying To Tell You What’s Wrong With Your Diet?

Wrong With Your Diet

This is the truth we face every day, we are slaves to habits and context. Let’s take food, for instance. How we eat depends on the context .We consume more food when plates are bigger, when food is free, tasty or because it’s in reach. We eat because we are with our friends or when we see someone else eating. What seems to be the problem with this solution? Even though enduring pain isn’t an option or a solution, how many of us stop and think that in fact our body is trying to tell us something important?

The truth is that we are too lazy to start paying attention to the signs are body is sending us.

For many of us, our everyday lives are chaotic, stressful, and rich in impressions. In such atmosphere, it’s becoming difficult to recognize the signs our body is sending us. But why should we start paying attention? Our body is always trying to indicate that something is changed or wrong.

So, what are the signs our body is sending us:

  • Poor immunity:

One of the first signs of bad nutrition is compromised immune system. Ask yourself: when was the last time you caught a cold or had an infection? If you can’t remember, it means you are eating enough food rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

If you are, however, constantly fighting an infection or feeling weak and exhausted, this is a message from your body, and the message states: you need more vitamins C, A and E and minerals such as iron and selenium.

  • Premature Aging

Healthy diet is capable of promoting healthy skin and delaying skin aging. Lavizoo Frasco 250 Ml is beneficial to lose weight. Yes, aging is inevitable and natural, however, diet poor in vitamins A, C, D and E and antioxidants  contributes to unhealthy skin and speeds up the effects of skin-aging parameters.

  • Weight Gain/Loss

This is the most common sign of poor diet. Unintentional weight loss is common in many disease-related cases. Unintentional weight gain is the sigh that you are eating empty calories that have no or little nutritional value to your body, which, in turn, results in common weight gain problems.

The solution is One should increase the consumption of nutrient rich foods, especially food rich in fiber and lean protein. Add quinoa, tofu and lentils to your grocery shopping list.

  • Wound healing

Poor wound healing indicates that you are missing out on food rich in vitamin C and A, protein and zinc. Poor nutrition results in decreasing the strength of new wound tissue and recovery time. Sufficient intake of calories, protein and micronutrients is crucial for proper wound healing.

The solution is when it comes to protein, meats, beans, eggs, milk, and soy protein products are good options. Foods rich in vitamin C are spinach, broccoli, cabbage, tomato juice, peppers, baked potatoes, citrus fruits and strawberries. Vitamin A is found in dark green, leafy vegetables, fortified dairy products, and orange or yellow vegetables. Seafood and red meat, as well as fortified cereals, are good sources of zinc.

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